Happy Bones


The following varieties are available:

  • Bacon cheddar (bacon cheddar biscuit + peanut butter coating + glitter)
  • Yogurt (shortbread biscuit + yogurt coating + colored yogurt drizzle)
  • Peanut butter (peanut butter biscuit + peanut butter coating + colored yogurt drizzle)
  • Mint (mint biscuit + mint yogurt coating + colored yogurt drizzle)
  • Carob (peanut butter biscuit + carob coating + colored yogurt drizzle)
  • Seasonal (cinnamon biscuit + varied coating + seasonal colored yogurt drizzle, glitter, or sprinkles )

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You’ll be able to indicate which variety (and colors!) you’d like at purchase. If you like surprises, leave that field blank, and our decorators will stretch their creativity to create something delicious for your dog.


Just Dogs! Gourmet began with a mission to bake up the most delicious dog treats for dogs everywhere - not just Minnesota. Baking for over a decade, we have perfected all-natural, fresh-baked treats that look just as good as they taste.

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