Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between Gourmet Treats, Confection Treats, and Market Treats?

Our Gourmet treats are hand made biscuits that are hand decorated with either yogurt, peanut butter or carob, and sometimes all three!  Our goal is to make a yummy, super cute and fun treat for your dog to enjoy.

Confection treats are molded from yogurt, peanut butter, or carob (again, sometimes all three) into a biscuit free treat.  These are prefect for the dog that may be sensitive to grains.  They are also much softer, perfect for older dogs that might find a crunchy biscuit uncomfortable.

Market Treats are hand made biscuits with no decorations.  They are also much smaller, making them perfect for an everyday reward.

Are your treats safe for my dog?

All of our treats are made with human food.  We use the same flour, eggs, cheese, bacon, and other items, that you find in your grocery store.   We do not add any sugar, salt, or other seasonings that would be harmful to our dogs or yours.   

Is that chocolate?

No.  What you see is carob.  Carob is a seed from the pod of a carob tree.  It contains no caffeine and no theobromine, so it is frequently used to make treats for dogs.

How long do your treats last?

Our Gourmet Treats, Market Treats, and Biscuit Birthday Cakes will last up to four months when stored at room temperature.

Our Confection treats will last up to ten months when stored at room temperature.

Allergy Information:

While we make every effort to not cross contaminate our products, we can not guarantee that a confection treat is 100% grain free.  When you are working with biscuits, crumbs happen and sometimes they go places we don’t want them to.  So please be advised that our items are made in a facility that works with peanuts, oats, wheat flour, eggs and dairy.


How long will my order take to arrive?

Our company prides ourselves on giving you the freshest product available and your treats are typically made to order.  We do not carry extra stock on hand. Depending on the time of year our orders are usually shipped with in 1 week of ordering.  During the holiday season your treats may take longer than usual.  If you have a specific date you need your treats by please specify in the notes at checkout.

How much do you charge for shipping?

Orders from $1.00 to $49.00 are shipped at $7.50.  Orders from $50.00 to $100 are shipped at $12.00 and orders over $100 are shipped at $20.00.

When should I order my cake if I would like it to be fresh for my dog's birthday?

We recommend you place your order at least 5 business days in advance as we cannot expedite shipping and upon arrival, please freeze the cake until the day you would like to serve it.

Are your cakes packed on ice? Do I need to be home for delivery?

Our shippable cakes and treats are all shelf stable meaning they do not require refrigeration. However, in order to prolong freshness, we recommend that unless you are serving the treats immediately to your dog, you transfer them into an airtight container and store them in the freezer until ready to consume.


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