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“In 2006, my husband and I stopped at a mall kiosk called Just Dogs! Gourmet in Nashville, Tennessee. We brought some of their all-natural peppermint dog biscuits home to our golden retriever, Breezer. And he loved them! So much so that we decided to get into the business ourselves. The next year, we joined the Just Dogs! Gourmet franchise, opening a kiosk at the Mall of America. A few years later in 2010, the franchise closed--but we wanted to keep going. We now own the name and product. Ever since we started this journey in 2007, our bakers have been tweaking our recipes to be the very best. Our mission is to share delicious, wholesome treats with all our furry friends.”

Karen, co-owner of Just Dogs! Gourmet

Who makes the treats?

Our Team

Meredith Tossey


Meredith joined the Just Dogs Team in September of 2017 as a treat baker. In December of that year she was promoted to Head Baker and then took over management in January of 2019. When previous owners, Karen and Mark, decided to retire, Meredith was honored to be able to carry on the Just Dogs Gourmet business.<br />
Besides making the most amazing dog treats she is a wife, mom, dog mom and cat mom. She loves her community and the people and pets in it.

Violet Binman

Head Decorator

Violet joined the Just Dogs Team in December of 2018 and quickly rose the the top of our decorating team. Not only does she have a talent for the written word she has honed in on her artistic skills. She enjoys the challenge of coming up with custom birthday cake designs. If you have ordered a cake or birthday bone, most likely Violet is the creative talent that made it.<br />
She is a cat lady at heart but her love of all animals is what drives her to create our amazing dog treats.


Just Dogs! Gourmet began with a mission to bake up the most delicious dog treats for dogs everywhere - not just Minnesota. Baking for over a decade, we have perfected all-natural, fresh-baked treats that look just as good as they taste.

Dog Tested, Puppy Approved


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